Publicado por: mistermadala | Novembro 28, 2013

The Grande Hotel; finally I got in!

Africa far and wide

I can’t  count how many times I have driven past the Grande Hotel, staring up at this magnificent, yet derelict building and wondering how to get in!

I can hear some of my smart ars readers saying, ‘Well just use the door,’ but of course it’s not that simple. I’ve taken many photos of this building from the outside. I’ve tried to remain as inconspicuous as possible, not wanting to draw any attention to myself. I’ve shot the hotel using the speed setting, I’ve whizzed past her at close range, I’ve pretended to take photos of something else altogether then turned around at pace for a quick snap at the hotel. I’ve taken every exterior shot possible – yet have never known how to get in even though her doors are wide open.

The reason is simple. No-one enters a house where they are not welcome! The Grande Hotel residents…

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